Publication about ALD in producing upconverting thin films

Check out our new publication about up-converting thin films and their properties by atomic layer deposition. The work is done in collaboration with Aalto university.

Tuomisto, M., Giedraityte, Z., Karppinen, M., and Lastusaari, M. “Photon up-converting (Yb,Er)2O3 thin films by atomic layer deposition”, Phys. Status Solidi-R 11 (2017) e201700076.
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New publication on molybdenum(VI) oxo transfer catalysts

Check out a new publication about molybdenum(VI) complexes and their catalytic activity.

Hossain, M.K., Haukka, M., Sillanpää, R., Hrovat, D.A., Richmond, M.G., Nordlander, E., and Lehtonen, A. “Syntheses and catalytic oxotransfer activities of oxo molybdenum(VI) complexes of a new aminoalcohol phenolate ligand”, Dalton Trans. 46 (2017) 7051-7060.
Read online: 10.1039/C7DT00846E

News: White emitting hackmanites @ University of Turku news

University of Turku news covers our hackmanite studies in addition with discussion about their use in various applications. So if you want to gain more perspective on the recent publication and can read Finnish, this is your link to follow:

“Turun yliopiston tutkijat kehittivät valaisimiin ja diagnostiikkaan edullisen ja auringonvalon sävyä tuottavan materiaalin” (University of Turku www, 24.5.2017)

edit // 8.6.
English version is now available at New low-cost material for lighting and diagnostics produces white light imitating sunlight

New publication about low-cost white persistent luminescence materials

Our latest publication enlightens an alternative route to prepare white emitting phophors by using Li-Hackmanites as a host material. Moreover, the long lasting persistent luminecence can be obtained without heavy metals.

Check out the publication in Advanced Functional Materials below and congratulations to Isabella, José and Mika for their hard work that really paid off!

Norrbo, I., Carvalho, J.M., Laukkanen, P., Mäkelä, J., Mamedov, F., Peurla, M., Helminen, H., Pihlasalo, S., Härmä, H., Sinkkonen, J., and Lastusaari, M. “Lanthanide and Heavy Metal Free Long White Persistent Luminescence from Ti Doped Li-Hackmanite: A Versatile, Low-Cost Material”, Adv. Funct. Mater. 27 (2017) 1606547.
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New publication about phosphate glasses

Check out a new collaboration publication about the structural properties of phosphate glasses.

Lopez-Iscoa, P., Salminen, T., Hakkarainen, T., Petit, L., Janner, D., Boetti, N.G., Lastusaari, M., Pugliese, D., Paturi, P., and Milanese, D. “Effect of Partial Crystallization on the Structural and Luminescence Properties of Er3+-Doped Phosphate Glasses”, Materials 10 (2017) 473.
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New publication about a new wide-range beamline in Lund

We’re participating in the ongoing buildup of Finnish-Estonian beamline at the MAX IV Laboratory. Check out this new publication about the wide-range beamline and its properties.

Pärnä, R., Sankari, R., Kukk, E., Nõmmiste, E., Valde, M., Lastusaari, M., Kooser, K., Kokko, K., Hirsimäki, M., Urpelainen, S., Turunen, P., Kivimäki, A., Pankratov, V., Reisberg, L., Hennies, F., Tarawneh, H, Nyholm, R., and Huttula, M., “FinEstBeaMS – A wide-range Finnish-Estonian Beamline for Materials Science at the 1.5 GeV storage ring at the MAX IV Laboratory”, Nucl. Instrum. Meth. A 859 (2017) 83-89.
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New publications on upconversion luminescence properties

Check out these two new publications from Iko dealing with the upconversion luminescence properties. One concerning excitation power effects and temperature sensing and the other about red upconversion emission pathways. Congrats, Iko!

Hyppänen, I., Perälä, N., Arppe, R., Schäferling, M., and Soukka T., “Environmental and Excitation Power Effects on the Ratiometric Upconversion Luminescence Based Temperature Sensing Using Nanocrystalline NaYF4:Yb3+,Er3+“, ChemPhysChem 18 (2017) 692-701.
Read online:

Hyppänen, I., Höysniemi, N., Arppe, R., Schäferling, M., and Soukka, T., “Enviromental Impact on the Excitation Path of the Red Upconversion Emission of Nanocrystalline NaYF4:Yb3+,Er3+“, J. Phys. Chem. C 121 (2017) 6924−6929.
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