Two up-conversion luminescence articles

Full bibliographic details are now available for two new up-conversion related publications. These articles are the first first-author articles for Minnea and Emilia, so yay for them! You can check the contents from the links below.

Tuomisto, M., Palo, E., Laihinen, T., Hyppänen, I., Lastusaari, M., Swart, H.C., and Hölsä, J., Effect of Mn and Cr Doping on the Up-Conversion Luminescence from NaYF4:Yb3+,Er3+, Opt. Mater. 59 (2016) 115–119.
Read online:

Palo, E., Pihlgren, L., Tuomisto, M., Laihinen, T., Hyppänen, I., Kankare, J., Lastusaari, M., Soukka, T., Swart, H.C., and Hölsä, J., Up-conversion Luminescence of the NaYF4:Yb3+,Er3+ Nanomaterials Prepared With the Solvothermal Synthesis, Opt. Mater. 59 (2016) 49–54.
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New faces around

For the next ten weeks we have the pleasure to host Mikael (left pic), a laboratory intern, from Turku Vocational Institute. Hopefully he will find the time spent with us useful!

Pasi (right pic) has also been with us for the summer and will be remaining at least for the beginning of autumn. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that he can stay with us longer, maybe even for PhD studies!

Mikael_Moussa_144 Pasi_Salonen_144

Publication about microwave-assisted solid-state synthesis

During summer a new publication from our Brazilian collaborators and José concerning microwave-assisted solid-state synthesis came out – check the link below!

Pedroso, C.C.S., Carvalho, J.M., Rodrigues, L.C.V., Hölsä, J., and Brito, H.F., Rapid and Energy Saving Microwave-Assisted Solid-State Synthesis of Pr3+, Eu3+ or Tb3+-Doped Lu2O3 Persistent Luminescence Materials, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 8 (2016) 19593-19604.
Read online:

See us in conferences next week

You can spot us in two conferences next week.

Emilia and Tero are participating in the 1st Conference and Spring School on Properties, Design and Applications of Upconverting Nanomaterials (UPCON) in Wroclaw, Poland on 23-27.5. with the topics “Sensitising Up-Conversion Materials with Layer-by-Layer Method” and “Extensive Study of NaYF4:Yb3+,R3+ Up-Conversion Luminescence Materials”. Come see their posters on Tuesday.

Mika is participating in Biosensors 2016 in Gothenburg, Sweden on 25-27.5. and will be presenting his topic “Using Synthetic Hackmanites as Sensors of Solar UV radiation” on Friday afternoon so go check him there!

UPCON 2016 conference (www)
Biosensors 2016 conference (www)

New publication on the mechanisms of tenebrescence and persistent luminescence in synthetic hackmanites

Check out our new interesting publication about the mechanisms of tenebrescence and persistent luminescence in synthetic hackmanites. Well done, everyone!

Norrbo, I., Gluchowski, P., Hyppänen, I., Laihinen, T., Laukkanen, P., Mäkelä, J., Mamedov, F., Santos, H.S., Sinkkonen, J., Tuomisto, M., Viinikanoja, A., and Lastusaari, M., Mechanisms of tenebrescence and persistent luminescence in synthetic hackmanite Na8Al6Si6O24(Cl,S)2, ACS Appl. Mater. Interf. 8 (2016) 11592−11602.
Read online:

Come see us at Kemian kevät ’16

“Kemian kevät ’16 – Innovaatioiden alkulähteillä” which is a seminar event where BSc and MSc students present their thesis topics is held in Arcanum on 26.-28.4.2016. This year also PhD students give a brief introduction about their research topics.

Inorganic materials chemistry has plenary lection on Thursday afternoon when our students will have their presentations – also as an added bonus Emilia and Minnea will have their Science Slam presentations on Tuesday.


You can find the program and from the Kemian kevät website below.
Program (pdf)